>>>>  PRESS RELEASE: Nexus Launches two new CPU Coolers






Nexus have launched two new CPU coolers the LXM-8200 for Intel LGA-775 socket and the AXM-8200 for AM2, 940, 939, 754  socket CPU’s. Both coolers are identical with only the preinstalled mounting being different. These tower (side blower) CPU coolers are equipped with two high performance copper heat pipes with an diameter of a 8mm. The coolers have a combination of pure copper aluminum fins for the best possible dissipation/weight balance. The PWM-controlled fan has 10cm diameter rotor to provide massive airflow all directed directly at the heat-pipes. The RPM has been set to a maximum of quiet 1500 RPM speed, yet with enough CFM and static pressure to give your CPU all the necessary cooling it requires.







Aluminum and Copper fins


The combination of aluminum and copper fins give a great balance between heat dissipation capabilities and weight.

High fins density for the largest possible surface area.




One of the thickest Heat-Pipes in the market


The two U-shaped copper Heat-Pipes with which the LXM-8200 is equipped have a massive 8mm diameter. This in contrast with many coolers in the market with only 6mm diameter heat pipes. This 2mm extra gives the cooler the extra power to cool the CPU without massive airflow. 









Pre-installed mounting clips / push pins


Both coolers are very easy to install both have the mounting parts already installed. Just remove the old cooler, use some new thermal past and install the new cooler. All can be done without the use of a screwdriver.






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