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Windows Vista Beta 2:
Now available to the General Public

For the first time, Windows Vista is available for public demonstration. Download now at, but make sure you have a Windows Vista capable graphics processing unit (GPU) and media and communications processor (MCP) as they are essential ingredients for a great Windows Vista experience.

Be sure to also download the latest beta drivers for Windows Vista Beta 2, and check out the new podcast.


Windows Vista Capable Motherboards

NVIDIA nForceThe stunning effects in Windows Vista are made possible by GPUs from NVIDIA. But NVIDIA brings even more to the table in the form of great technologies for motherboards. NVIDIA nForce® media and communications processors (MCPs) are the stable, reliable, high-performance foundation for PC and workstations of all types.

The combination of NVIDIA nForce MCPs and GeForce® GPUs are essential ingredients for a great Windows Vista experience.

Learn more about NVIDIA nForce-based motherboards

Latest News

Latest News

What is a 'Vista Capable' PC?
"Bottom Line: Spend an extra $100 or so for a decent graphics card, and you won't be sorry."
- Eric Dahl,

Half of corporate PCs can't run Vista
"If you want to get Windows Vista when it comes out, you probably should be thinking about new hardware."
- Antone Gonsalves, TechWeb

Can your PC handle Windows Vista?
"If you have a computer with the weaker specs, Vista will still give you enhanced security and built-in desktop search. But you won't get the dramatic new graphical look and feel..."
- Walter Mossberg - Wall Street Journal's tech columnist

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NVIDIA Beta Drivers for Windows Vista Beta 2

Updated NVIDIA drivers for Windows Vista Beta 2 are available to download now. These drivers are only compatible with Windows Vista Beta 2 build and should not be used with other versions.

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