Yes – a new Special Edition provides the ultimate gaming bundle combining the latest Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 (GRAW2) from Ubisoft with the SAPPHIRE X1950 GT.


With a choice of 256MB or 512MB of on-board memory, the SAPPHIRE X1950 GT combines high-definition entertainment with fast gaming performance, industry-leading image quality and crystal clear High Definition digital video at very affordable price points. Like other members of the X1950 series, the SAPPHIRE X1950 GT boasts a set of image quality features like simultaneous HDR with adaptive anti-aliasing and a palette of over a billion colours, bringing to life the latest gaming experience. 


SAPPHIRE’s X1950 GT also supports the easy-to-use “plug-and-play” CrossFire™ dual graphics processor configuration introduced with the X1950 PRO.  By adding a second SAPPHIRE X1950 GT graphics card on a suitable CrossFire™ mainboard platform, users can achieve a significant boost to gaming performance. Easily fitted Internal CrossFire™ bridge cables (available separately) deliver full 24-bit high speed data exchange for maximum performance. The software driver automatically recognises the dual GPU configuration and routes the signal to a single monitor, making installation simple.


SAPPHIRE’s X1950 GT natively supports HDCP and features the highly acclaimed ATI Avivo™ technology delivering vibrant high fidelity images and video playback to the latest High Definition (HD) video standards. Two Dual-link DVI outputs are provided, as well as TV out. DVI to VGA adaptor and connecting cables for TV and composite video are included.


Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 puts you right back in the steel-toed combat boots of US Army Captain Scott Mitchell of the fictional 5th Special Forces Group (the Ghosts) for another gruelling battle south of the border in Mexico. A Mexican civil war has erupted between mutinous army units.


There is more of the intense infantry combat that was featured in the original GRAW. The new game features some riveting set piece battles, including a Black Hawk Down scenario, as well as desperate defend-and-hold situations which look great on the SAPPHIRE X1950 GT. And while you can go through the game stealthily if you want by using suppressed weapons and sneaking about, it's just as much fun - if not more so - to go through with guns blazing. The large battles in GRAW2 are pretty awesome with vehicles are exploding around you, helicopters are buzzing above, and huge levels of activity.


The action unfolds on both sides of the border this time, and the game features both first-world and second-world settings. The Mexican side of the border faces even more turmoil than in the first game. The visuals in GRAW2 are also more stunning than in the original game, thanks to sumptuous atmospheric lighting and effects. The incredible scale remains; you'll again look out over vast cityscapes consisting of hundreds of buildings as you fly over in your Black Hawk Helicopter. But now, you can also take in the stunning vista of a setting sun over the desert or gaze at gigantic pillars of smoke rising from the fires of a war-torn Mexican city – displayed all the more ably with the advanced features of the SAPPHIRE X1950 GT!


Look out for the Special Edition SAPPHIRE X1950 GT with GRAW2!


SAPPHIRE X1950 GT graphics cards are Microsoft Windows Vista™ Premium certified and supported by the ATI Catalyst® suite of software, ensuring customers have easy and ongoing access to software updates for performance, stability and added features.



Sapphire X1950 GT with GRAW2


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