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April, 2007


Cool Your nVIDIA 8800GTS / GTX with Thermaltake TMG ND5

Getting the clearest image on screen is to the advantage of every professional gamer. Thermaltake is one of the world leading manufacturers in cooling technology, our newest member to the high TMG series is the ND5 for nVIDIA’s 8800 GTS/GTX graphic cards.  ND5 is the fusion of efficient cooling, excellent heat dissipation as well as a high quality heatsink to cool the greatest demands of the 8800 series graphic cards.

    Before, Thermaltake released the ND4 Liquid Cooling System for graphic cards and now, we are introducing the ND5, specially tailored air cooler for the best performance of your nVIDIA’s 8800GTS.GTX series. A lot of heat is generated when pushing graphics processors to the limit. The special design of the ND5 with its copper heat pipes and high density aluminum fins allows for maximum heat dissipation; coupled with a low noise fan, the ND5 becomes even stronger.

    The ND5 also comes with 12 VRM Thermal Pads for cooling VRAM. Our effort in the pursuit of excellence is all encompassing; the pursuit for performance, quality, quietness, and also visual excellence.

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Thermaltake Incorporation, based in Taipei, Taiwan is the global leader Thermal Solution and Thermal Management for PC & Industrial Market. Its engineering staffs master in Airflow Analysis, Material Conductivity and Heat Dissipation Efficiency. Thermaltake offers a wide range of products and services, providing effective and cost-conscious cooling devices. The Company has more than 1,000 employees worldwide supporting customers from its headquarters in Taipei, Taiwan, as well as from offices in China, Europe and United States Continent.

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