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Albatronˇ¦s PX915P/G Pro in the fast lane with PCI Express and LGA 775!
New interconnect specification and socket design ups M/Bˇ¦s performance potential


Albatron Technology recently announced two mainboards featuring PCI-Express along with the new LGA 775 socket design. The PX915P Pro and the PX915G Pro represent Albatronˇ¦s new wave of performance mainboards. These boards also come with improved power supply design, capacitor quality and high performance memory capabilities.

PCI Express is a revolutionary interconnect specification that focuses on direct serial communications between board components. This board contains 2 PCI Express X1 slots that are capable of 250 MB/s data transfer rates. The PCI Express X16 slot utilizes PCI Express technology for its graphics processing replacing its predecessor AGP technology. It requires a PCI Express graphics card and can deliver 4 GB/s transfer rates.

The PX915P/G Pro boards provide Dual Channel DDR400 memory capable of 6.4 GB/s data transfer rates. A new power supply design on these boards is Intel Prescott FMB 2.0 certified, ensuring optimal stability. Static capacitors are also employed to increase reliability, avoiding burn out problems.
The LGA 775 socket was introduced to replace the traditional pin design used to interface with the CPU. The 775 socket now uses contact pads whose density of connectors now far exceed that of the predecessor 478-pin socket.

These boards also provide an ATA133 interface with 3 slots. Two of the slots can support RAID 0,1 disk array management. Additionally, these boards can support four serial ATA devices capable of 150 MB/s data transfer rates. They also provide 8 USB 2 .0 ports with data transfer rates of 480 Mbps.
These boards come with a built in a Realtek HD audio chipset giving you 8 channel stereo sound. The audio system also contains an auto jack sensor that can determine if you have errantly connected your audio cables to the mainboard. As for networking features, these boards include a built in Marvell Gigabit LAN and a VIA 10/100 Mbps LAN allowing users maximum flexibility and upgradability in a diversified LAN environment.

The PX915P Pro and PX915G Pro are identical except for the built-in 3D VGA chipset on the PX915G Pro which means buying a VGA card for this mainboard is not necessary. This 3D VGA chipset provides Direct X9 level 3D VGA performance that is comparable to an nVIDIA FX 5200.

The PX915P Pro and the PX915G Pro signals the arrival of new technology and high expectations. With PCI-Express and LGA 775, these boards are definitely geared up for performance and are fully equipped to handle extreme conditions and loading.


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