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Albatron PX925X Pro-RW ˇV Big expectations for PCI Express!
New Prescott mainboard rides into town with PCI Express and DDR2 memory support


Albatron Technology, an IT solutions provider, announced a new mainboard on the heels of Intelˇ¦s recently promoted FSB 800 MHz Pentium 4 Prescott processor with LGA 775 socket. The Albatron PX925X Pro-RW will support this highly anticipated CPU in addition to providing one the most exciting designs in peripheral card technology in recent times, the PCI Express. This high-flying mainboard is expected to become Albatronˇ¦s top board in terms of performance and stability.

The PX925X Pro-RW comes with an impressive lineup of hardware features:
1.Built in PCI Express X1 and X16 sockets. The PCI Express x1 socket can provide 250 MB/sec data transfer rates. The PCI Express x16 socket is a graphics slot that provides 4 GB/sec data rates and has a bandwidth 2 times that of AGP8X slots.
2.Dual channel DDR2 400/533 memory support. When used with DDR2 533 memory, data transfer rates can reach 8.5 GB/sec.
3.Intel Prescott FMB 2 Certified CPU Power Specifications. This boardˇ¦s power design offers pure power with reliable stability.
4.Solid-state capacitors. These components are highly reliable without any burnout problems.

The Albatron PX925X Pro-RW mainboard uses the ICH6RW Southbridge chipset that can support an 802.11g add-on module providing wireless AP functionality. In addition, this board supports four Serial ATA devices, each capable of delivering 150 MB/sec data transfer rates. Additionally, this board supports up to eight USB 2.0 ports providing 480 Mbps, plug nˇ¦ play connectivity to USB peripheral devices. This board also supports IDE RAID 0,1 offering top disk access performance and data security protection.

Other PX925X Pro-RW mainboard features include the ˇ§Dynamic Turbo Systemˇ¨, which automatically adjusts internal system settings according to system load, subsequently increasing system performance from 5%-10%. The CPU fan speed (revolutions) can also be automatically adjusted up and down according to CPU operating temperatures to insure adequate cooling with minimal fan noise. The built-in Realtek HD audio chipset provides 8-channel audio with superb stereo capabilities. This board also comes equipped with two handy LAN ports; a Marvell PCI Express 1 Gbps LAN and a VIA 10/100 Mbps LAN.

The Albatron PX925X Pro-RW takes a giant step with PCI-Express and dual DDR2 support. Along with dynamic system monitoring/adjustments and strong peripheral support, this board is aiming high in terms of performance, stability and functionality.


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