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You could win SLI-Ready Hardware - EVERY DAY!

NVIDIA SLI-Ready Component-A-Day Contest

Sign up for the NVIDIA SLI-Ready Component-A-Day Contest

$100,000 in Prizes!

Every day for an entire year, NVIDIA and partners will give away an SLI-Ready component to someone with an SLI-Ready or SLI-enabled PC.

To sign up, visit SLIZONE today. Once you're entered, be sure to check back every day at SLIZONE to see if you're name is listed. If it is - YOU'VE WON!

Here's the catch - winners are only listed for 7 days...if your name is posted and you don't claim your prize within 7 days, you lose the prize!

What are we giving away?
$100,000 in SLI-Ready graphics cards, motherboards, power supplies and memory!

These NVIDIA partners have contributed prizes to the Contest:
EVGA, BFG Tech, XFX, OCZ, PC Power and Cooling, MSI and Thermaltake.

Due to international contest law, this promotion is open to people of legal age in the following countries only: USA, Canada, Germany, United Kingdom, Sweden, and France.

Win one of 12 Tagan 600 Watt PSUs!


Take a short survey and get entered for a chance to win.

12 participants will be selected - will you be among the 12 winners?

Headquartered in Germany, Tagan is the first premium power supply company to ship its products in a leather carrying case. Tagan's motivation for doing so was also environmentally influenced - simply put, they didn't want to contribute any more waste to the planet in the form of disposable cardboard packaging seen with other PC parts.

Tagan's has quickly established itself among the elite in the PC industry, winning NVIDA SLI-Ready certification for seven of its PSUs, including the 1.1 kilowatt PSU certified to power 2 GeForce 8800 GTX graphics cards in SLI!

Learn more about Tagan's PSUs, cases and other products at

Click HERE to take the survey and enter yourself in the raffle for one of 12 Tagan TG600-U25 SLI-Ready 600W PSUs!

The NVIDIA SLI Marketplace: Build. Buy. Sell.

NVIDIA SLI Marketplace

NEW TODAY! Analyze your PC and find out what it takes to step up to SLI Technology!

Analyze your PC!

The SLI Marketplace will help you configure compatible SLI-Ready components including motherboards, graphics cards, power supplies, and memory, and search online retailers for the best deal.

Visit the SLI Marketplace Homepage

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