Essential Update for for Blu-ray disc and HD DVD software players

CyberLink is releasing an essential update for some versions of PowerDVD and software players for Blu-ray Disc and HD DVD. We highly recommend you to install the update to ensure that you will be able to continue enjoying HD DVD and Blu-ray disc movie titles.

To help you access the right update version, CyberLink has created a web service that will detect the version you own and search for the appropriate update file for your software. This website requires ActiveX, please use Internet Explorer to fully take advantage of the auto build detection. (Firefox is not recommended)

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This update file includes robustness enhancements and replacing a new set of protection keys. The new protection keys will replace your expired key and will be required when you play Blu-ray disc and HD DVD movies. If you choose not to update the software, you will not be able to playback protected Blu-ray disc and HD DVD movie titles properly.

Please note that renewing protection keys will be a process that will happen periodically. Keeping your keys updated will ensure you the capability to continue the use of PowerDVD Ultra and other Blu-ray and HD DVD software players from CyberLink. It is our support policy to provide free lifetime protection keys update services to our customers. Hence whenever there are new keys, we will notify you to update your copy of PowerDVD Ultra and other software player for Blu-ray disc and HD DVD.

Your continued enjoyment of CyberLink software is our utmost concern. We highly encourage you to install the update file at your earliest convenience. Should you have questions regarding the protection keys, please contact CyberLink Customer Support.

We sincerely thank you for your continued support and loyalty to PowerDVD and software players from CyberLink.


CyberLink Corp.

This essential update notification send to all users who subscribe CyberLink blu-ray disc/HD DVD software players.
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